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Take the Vow and make a statement for inner harmony, world peace and global healing. Here and now, seize the chance to make a difference: speak your Peace Intention, or share your Vow Experience. Fill out the form below and click the Save button when completed.

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Morgo from United States (Taking the vow) Sunday June 14th, 2020 05:35:12 PM
I vow to spread peace, light and love. I vow to be open minded and remember that I don't always need to be right. I vow to accept others and make everyone feel welcome. I vow to listen fully and grow daily. I vow to act and move in ways that heal the my self, others and the earth. I vow to love unconditionally.

Carolina from Usa (Taking the vow) Thursday May 21st, 2020 12:22:54 PM
I vow to create inner harmony, to protect and serve Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. To remove all obstacles that separate me from my true nature. ❤️

Michael Weiner from CANADA (Taking the vow) Sunday May 10th, 2020 11:58:55 AM
I vow to continue to strive to imbibe and radiate Ahisma in all of my thoughts,words and deeds throughout the day and everyday and I pray that the essence of Ahisma increases on the planet so that the karma of our shared planet will be reduced and that love and respect for all living beings becomes a universal Mantra.

Kim kriyasagar from Uk (Taking the vow) Sunday May 10th, 2020 10:41:04 AM
I am living ahimsa through my thoughts, words and actions. Om namah shivaya 🙏🏻

Jennifer Sarasvati Bielowicz from United States (Taking the vow) Monday April 27th, 2020 09:15:11 PM
I vow to continue removing all obstacles,moving forward fearlessly- so I can align with my true nature. I vow to keep my friends of asana, meditation, doses of nature, and all other self care practices to be daily visitors in my life. This vow is for myself and for the world. ❤

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