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Australia - Aboriginal Totemic Arts

Peace Mandalas take the forms of Aboriginal Totemics!

It is miraculous to see how each of the Peace Mandala created on the Australian Tour assumed the totemic of its native aboriginal culture. The pictures herein show the actual native aboriginal art. The sacred intention of the Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala created from organic grains is to honor the Mother Consciousness, and to cultivate the spirit of ahimsa in our thoughts, speech and action. It is is the central crest of Mother Maya's Living Ahimsa work around the world that is created in free form by participants while taking the Vow of Ahimsa.

Living Ahimsa Peace Mandalas take the forms of Aboriginal Totemic!
Scenes from Australia ~ November -December 2009

The Living Ahimsa Peace Mandala images contained herein are from Mother's recent Tour in Australia. We have noticed how each Peace Mandala reflects the collective awareness of the group in terms of size, shape, colors, and essential energy of the Mandala. It is awesome to see how each participant's intent influences the creation of the Peace Mandala. As you can see from these pictures from each city we toured in Australia, the totemic of the aboriginal people there and their potent spirit permeated the collective psyche of the participants who contributed to the shaping, and vibrant texture of the Living Ahimsa Peace Mandalas.

Parliament of Religions, Melbourne
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Live Glimpse - Living Ahimsa World Tour
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Honoring Ancestors' Event
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