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Mother's Article on Savvy Insider

Written by George Froehlich

Mother Maya's Vancouver Trip

Maya Tiwari, once she was a high priestess of
American fashion, designing haute couture
clothes for a slew of high-end department
stores and movie celebrities, including Jackie

But at the tender age of 23 tragedy struck -
she was diagnosed with terminal ovarian

It changed her life.

As she recovered she entered a new path - a
path that today has seen her become a
spiritual leader, author and international

And Mother Maya, as she is called today, will
be in Vancouver this week, as part of her
three-year world journey all in the name of
peace and harmony.

Mother Maya will appear at two events.

One is tomorrow at Radha Yoga & Eatery in
Vancouver and the other one is this Saturday,
also in Vancouver, at St.Andrew's-Wesley
United Church.

Here is more info on Mother Maya and her

And here is more information on her events in

Parliament of Religions, Melbourne
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