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Honoring Ancestors : Prayer Mandala

Each year Mother Maya leads the creation of the Honoring Ancestors' Mandala to nourish the ancestors, and honor the self as we invoke the spirit of ahimsa within each and every participant. Every year, we create a new Mandala -feeding the collective spirit of the ancestors with Nature's organic grains and seeds, while watering the subtle body of the forebears. As we imbibe these rich and ancient ceremonies that arouse memory, we ease the pressure of alienation from those who have gone before us. The Honoring Ancestors' Mandala grows more magnificent as it is created anew each year during the auspicious time of Pitri Paksha, (in Vedic Calendar, this is the optimum time of year when ancestral offerings are imperative. On a moon calendar, find the date of the last new moon in September. This moon generally occurs toward the end of September or beginning of October.)

Participants from all over the world who recognize the indelible breath-force we share with the forebears, and those who are suffering from the loss of loves ones, or aggrieved with recurring health traumas come together at this numinous event. In honoring the ancestors, we recognize that when traumas and dilemmas are not properly confronted and sorted out in our lives that they tend to replay. The same is true for unresolved ancestral memories which are handed down from generation to generation. Personal issues arising from our ancestral past do play out in the theater of our lives like a punishing and restless windstorm.

The Vedic sages recognized that each of us exists as an inter-dependent being, and that we are all linked to the universe through our ancestry. They predicted that the collective grief of the modern world would be caused by the loss of our ancestral memory: that human memory impairment will be the most crucial cause for the breakdown of dharma -cosmic memory and social intelligence. We have learnt that honoring the ancestors keeps us in living harmony with the forebears. When we honor our past, we feel their palpable grace effusing our purpose and the lives of our family, community, and nature.

Parliament of Religions, Melbourne
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